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Ole Christiansen 'White Wall' Book

Artist: Ole Christiansen

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Strøget in Copenhagen. In one end we have the smell from the grill bar, in the other end the fragrance of exclusive perfumes.

Somewhere in the middle, Gucci is redecorating their store, and to hide the construction from by-passers, a fence has been set up with a large white field. A bit like a stage curtain that in a moment will be pulled aside to reveal the luxury of the world. It’s like a backdrop and for Ole Christiansen the pedestrian street in Copenhagen becomes a scene in which humanity parades by.

And as a result, we get a flood of people on their way from one place to another. 
A masterful frieze that is without purpose and without moralization.

Text by Photograph Anders Clausen and Ph.D. philosophy and history of ideas Jonas Holst

Format 30 x 21 cm

152 Pages

134 Photos

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