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Roskilde Festival - Moments

Fine Art Photography Exhibition

At Galleri Rocks, Copenhagen

Photograpers Gorm Valentin, Jens Juul & Ole Christiansen

Featuring U2, Nirvana, The Clash, Neil Young, Malurt, Bob Marley, Nick Cave, Kaizer Orchestra a.o.

Iggy Pop, Hotel Plaza, Copenhagen 1977

Artist: Mats Bäcker

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18.000,00 kr
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60 x 90 cm
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Photographer Mats Bäcker. Limited Edition. Signed a tergo.

10 pcs - size 60 x90 cm

The prints are silver gelatin and printed manually in a darkroom. So no two prints are exactly the same. After they are developed fixed and thoroughly rinsed they are also treated in a a bath of selen. This is an old method that protects the silver in the prints so they will not bleach over time. It also gives a deeper black tone.

They are sold unmounted and unframed. It is highly recommended that they are mounted on aluminium or dibond to keep them flat as it is photographic paper with a gelatin coat. When framed it is very important to use an acid free  passepartout or a distance list between the glass and picture so it never the glass and photo do not touch. It is also recommended to use a  reflection free glass.

If you wish to have the photos framed it can be arranged.

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